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HDMI eARC Vs. ARC: Which Is Better For Your Audio Setup?

HDMI, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface, has revolutionized the way we connect and enjoy audio and video devices. It also offers many connection options ...

HDMI Cable Extensions: 4 Simple Ways To Extend It

The HDMI cable helps you connect the devices within your audio and video system. However, you may encounter difficulty because the cable is too short.  ...

Best Settings For Vizio Sound Bar? (Pro Tips)

The Vizio sound bar boasts a surround sound immersion. However, you still need to adjust the settings properly to experience the deep, resonant bass. ...

Why Is Vizio Soundbar Remote Not Working? (4 Steps)

You have a nice Vizio soundbar, but you need a remote control to access all its functions, such as content streaming and volume adjustments. If the remote ...

How To Mount A TV Properly? 9 Steps To Get Your Job Done

Setting up your TV on the wall is the best way to watch it comfortably while sitting on your sofa. But how to mount a TV in this manner correctly? There ...

What Is HDMI With Ethernet? An Ultimate Guide

HDMI cables help you connect multiple devices, such as your home theater setup. Meanwhile, Ethernet is a kind of computer networking technology used in ...

2.1 Vs. 5.1 Soundbar: Which Is The Best For You?

Soundbars are excellent additions to maximize the performance of your TV. However, you have multiple choices, each leading to a different experience.  ...

HDMI ARC Vs. Optical: Which Connection Should You Go For?

Optical and HDMI cables are among the common ways to connect different displays, such as monitors and TVs, to other video and audio equipment. Both ...

HDMI Vs. HDMI ARC Cable: Which Should You Choose?

Shopping for an HDMI cable can be tricky because you may come across many types. We will help you tell the difference between HDMI vs. HDMI ARC cable.  ...

Mini Vs. Micro HDMI: How To Distinguish These Mini Cables?

An HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is the best tool to transmit audio and video signals within your devices. We can choose one from multiple ...

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