How To Mount A TV Properly? 9 Steps To Get Your Job Done

Setting up your TV on the wall is the best way to watch it comfortably while sitting on your sofa. But how to mount a TV in this manner correctly? There are nine steps in the process. We will explain each carefully, so this task turns into a piece of cake. Let’s see right now!

How To Mount A TV?

Mounting the TV to the wall is a simple project. Yet, if possible, we recommend asking a friend to help you as the TV may be too heavy for one person to handle. Now, follow the 6 steps below to wall mount your TV. 

How To Mount A TV
Mount TV

Step 1: Prepare the materials and tools

This project calls for some materials and tools as follows:

  • Pencil
  • Stud finder
  • Level
  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • TV mount
  • Mounting hardware (spacers, screws, etc.)
  • Paper template 

Step 2: Mark the position of your TV

How To Mount A TV
Choose a perfect position to mount your TV.

We have different preferences when determining the position of our TV. However, as a general rule, you need its edges slightly below or at your eye level when you sit. 

Using tape, you should measure your TV’s dimensions and mark the edges on the wall. After marking, test by sitting at different positions in the room to ensure comfortable viewing. 

Consider the mounting hardware in the back of your TV too. You will secure it to the wall stud within the mark you draw. 

Also, the TV cord should be near the wall outlet. If you intend to connect any gaming system or cable box to your TV, ensure it can reach your TV too. 

Step 3: Find the studs

To find the stud position, you can use a stud finder. But first, decide how many studs you want by measuring the mounting locations on the TV bracket. Most people need two studs, one on each side. 

It may be necessary to connect three studs depending on the characteristics of your wall and the TV mount. Remember to mark the position of the studs on the wall using a pencil. 

Step 4: Mark the hole position

Mark the spot on the wall where you intend to screw. You should use a level to check that these markings are even between the studs. 

Next, mark specific positions for the pilot holes. You should glue paper over the desired mounting position with a printed template. 

Step 5: Drill the pilot holes

How To Mount A TV

Start to install the bracket on the wall. You need to set it against the wall and align one screw position with the first hole. 

Secure that point while pivoting the other side of your bracket to align it with the second marked hole. 

At this step, a level can help you check that your mount is aligned with the intended pilot holes. Next, drill the pilot holes with a drill through the wall and into the wall studs in the marked positions.

Step 6: Mount the bracket

After drilling the pilot holes, attach the wall bracket with the supplied mounting screws. You need to attach the screws firmly to the studs using a ratchet, screwdriver,… 

The screws should be tight enough to keep the bracket securely against the wall, with no shaking or wriggling of the TV mounting plate.

Step 7: Attach the mounting plate

How To Mount A TV

Now you will work with the mounting plate of your TV. It attaches to the backside of the TV and the walk bracket to hang the TV securely on the wall. 

Depending on the TV model, you need to attach the two halves of the mounting plate through a rail system, an extended arm, or a clip. 

Match the VESA holes on the rear of the TV frame with the mounting plate. Then, attach the plate to the TV using a screwdriver and the screws that come with your TV. 

Step 8: Attach the mounting plate to the wall 

You have set the mounting plate and wall bracket in place. It’s time to attach them. 

Lift your TV a little higher than it should so you can lower it to attach the plate and bracket. You may need a drop-in connection with screws that you can tighten after installing. Meanwhile, others need attachments that can screw or clip into place. 

To mount the TV mounting plate to the bracket properly, follow the directions and hardware packed with the TV mount.

How To Mount A TV

Step 9: Mount your TV

Lift your TV carefully and only hold it by the outer bezels rather than the glass. Take extra caution not to grab and push on the screen, as it could easily shatter the display.

After attaching the mount properly, let the bracket support the TV’s weight. Now, you just need to plug in your TV and other devices. Finally, sit down and enjoy your newly-installed TV. 


We have shared 9 steps to mount a TV to the wall. If you have any questions, please comment in the section below. We will reply soon. Thank you for reading!

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