What Is HDMI With Ethernet? An Ultimate Guide

HDMI cables help you connect multiple devices, such as your home theater setup. Meanwhile, Ethernet is a kind of computer networking technology used in specific area networks.  

When you combine these two, the effect will be excellent. So what is HDMI with Ethernet? How can it help with your streaming experience? Let’s follow this guide to find the answers! 

What Is HDMI With Ethernet?

HDMI cable
HDMI cables with Ethernet can give you many benefits.

The HDMI over Ethernet serves the same tasks as the regular HDMI cables. Since upgrades are necessary for this connection, it offers improved compatibility for better video resolutions. 

Additionally, when working with Ethernet, HDMI offers a 3D video channel, an upgraded sound channel, and richer color. Then, the images shown on the screen will become more realistic.  

Moreover, this connection gives an impressive duplex bandwidth speed of 100Mbps/sec. So, your devices can transfer data smoothly and consistently. 

What Devices Can You Connect To The HDMI With Ethernet?

HDMI With Ethernet

This connection can only work if your devices have the HDMI Ethernet channel. Luckily, most gadgets these days come with this feature. Here are your options:


HDMI cables go well with computers. Thus, you will enjoy fantastic graphics when playing games and high-resolution pictures when watching movies. 

New GPUs feature the HDMI Ethernet port for you to plug into the HDMI cable. It rests at the rear of the processing device. 


ps 5

The HDMI with Ethernet allows you to play games online on your PlayStation 5. The images are of high quality, giving you and your friends the best game time ever. 

Xbox One

If you connect your HDMI cable with Ethernet to the Xbox One, you can stream the most excellent online games with impressive resolutions. Streamers will be excited about this connection. 


Gamers are not the only users to enjoy the benefit of the HDMI cable with Ethernet. You can stream the newest series and movies when connected to Roku devices. 

Blu-Ray Player

You can connect your Blu-ray player to the internet to access more fascinating functions. Using an HDMI cable with Ethernet will help you with that.

The HDMI Ethernet channels allow for connections with many devices. All you need to do is look up the specs of the ones you want to purchase for more information. 

Alternatively, you may ask the retailer where you bought it, look up customer reviews, or get in touch with the makers.

There are several devices compatible with the cable.

How Does HDMI With Ethernet Work?

Ethernet and HDMI work in the same way as other internet-connected equipment. When hooked, it immediately transmits data from the media system or computer to the monitor.

Each pin on HDMI cables with Ethernet sends a different type of data. They are equally effective in carrying sound and video data, as well as the broadband signals essential for high-speed internet. 

 The cable works similarly to the standard cables but more powerfully
The cable works similarly to the standard cables but more powerfully.

The HDMI rapid speed for optimum streaming is impressive thanks to the 100 Mbps/sec speed. This characteristic will also ensure lag-free connections.

Data transmission between the media console and the monitor will become a straightforward process with sufficient internet connection.

Even when the cable is in charge of two tasks, do not worry about it getting damaged. Manufacturers have been working a lot to upgrade the specifications of the cable, so it can last long while doing its job. 

This video will show you information about how the system works:

Pros And Cons Of HDMI With Ethernet

Although this connection offers many benefits, it hasn’t become popular due to its drawbacks. Let’s check both sides to determine if it’s your best bet. 


  • Fast streaming speed: Ethernet connectivity is lightning-fast. Your devices can stream the content right after receiving signals from the input. 
  • Fewer wires: The cable will handle the tasks of HDMI and Ethernet. It means you only need one cable in the system, saving you space and money. 
  • Durable: HDMI cables with Ethernet have the same lifespan as standard HDMI and Ethernet cables. 

Cons: We have talked about some possible items compatible with this cable in the previous section. However, they are still rarer than the standard HDMI or Ethernet cables.


HDMI cables with Ethernet will help you manage your home theater or similar setups without using additional Ethernet connections. They offer an outstanding streaming speed that maximizes your experience. What do you think about these cables? Please comment in the section below to share your opinions with us. Thank you for reading, and see you in the next post!

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