Why Is Vizio Soundbar Remote Not Working? (4 Steps)

You have a nice Vizio soundbar, but you need a remote control to access all its functions, such as content streaming and volume adjustments. If the remote breaks down, you can’t perform these tasks. 

Unfortunately, you may encounter this issue sometimes. Why is Vizio soundbar not working? We will discuss the causes now. Then, you can learn how to fix your remote. 

Why Is Vizio Soundbar Remote Not Working?

 Check for all the possible causes
Check for all the possible causes

There are several reasons why your Vizio soundbar doesn’t work. The most common ones include the following:

  • Dead batteries: This issue is regular. Thankfully, you can easily fix it by replacing the batteries. 
  • Obstruction: The Vizio soundbar remote employs infrared (IR) technology to work with the soundbar. Hence, you have to point the remote at the soundbar directly. If not, it can’t interact with the sound system appropriately. 
  • IR sensor issue: The IR sensor may be faulty if your soundbar can’t respond to the remote. 
  • Connectivity: You should pair the soundbar and its remote correctly. Repeat the pairing process if these devices can’t interact. 
  • Firmware updates: The firmware can gather bugs over time. If you don’t update it regularly, these bugs will prevent the soundbar from functioning correctly. 
  • Input issue: The soundbar can only accept the remote’s commands if it’s in the proper input mode. 

How To Fix A Vizio Soundbar Remote?

After identifying the causes, you can quickly choose a suitable solution for your problem. Here are some steps to perform when your Vizio soundbar remote doesn’t work:

Step 1: Check the remote

Smart TV, Soundbar And Sofa
Smart TV, Soundbar And Sofa

Your remote stops functioning, so it must be the first thing you want to check. As aforementioned, there may be several problems here. 

Now, consider the pairing issue. For details on how to pair the remote with the Vizio soundbar, consult the user manual. This process is easy to understand. There are cases when you must first click a button on the Vizio soundbar to activate pairing mode and then press the matching button on the remote to pair them. 

Next, ensure you haven’t locked the lock button on your soundbar remote. It will prevent your remote from connecting to its paired sound system. And what if your remote has broken? It’s advisable to use a new one. If you have a spare remote, it’s the right time to let it work. 

Step 2: Check the soundbar

Vizio soundbar remote

Perhaps, the outdated firmware stops your remote from working normally. If your Vizio soundbar is not running with the latest updated version, it will also cause some problems for the remote. 

Here is how to update your soundbar’s firmware:

  • Access Vizio’s official website on your browser. 
  • Choose the main menu and tap on the “Support” tab and click on Find Your Firmware
  • Look for the soundbar’s serial number. 
  • The website will show you the correct firmware update that your soundbar needs. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to download the firmware update. 
  • Transfer the downloaded firmware update to your USB. 
  • Install the update in your Vizio soundbar. 

This video will show you how to update your soundbar firmware in detail:

Another possible problem with your soundbar is the faulty IR sensor. You need to contact customer support to tackle it. 

Step 3: Power cycle the remote and soundbar

You can power cycle your remote and soundbar for them to return to their factory settings. 

To power cycle your remote, please take these steps:

  • Remove its batteries and set them aside for about three minutes. 
  • Double-press all the soundbar buttons to confirm they don’t get stuck. 
  • Re-install the batteries into the remote. 
  • Press the power button of the remote to see if it works. 

The remote is not the cause of the problem sometimes. Then, try the power cycle on your soundbar. Here is how to do it:

  • Tap on the power button of the soundbar. 
  • Disconnect the power supply. 
  • Press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds. 
  • Plug in the soundbar and turn it on to check if the remote can work. 

Step 4: Contact the customer support team

 Ask for professional help as the last resort
Ask for professional help as the last resort

For more help, if none of the above measures work, get in touch with Vizio customer service. They will give you a troubleshooting handbook and, if necessary, assist you in fixing or getting a new soundbar remote. 


There are multiple reasons for your remote not-working issue. It would be best to consider each case. And when you determine the right one, treat it with the right solution. Is there anything else with your Vizio soundbar remote that makes you confused? Please don’t be shy to share with us. We will help you out. 

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