Best Settings For Vizio Sound Bar? (Pro Tips)

The Vizio sound bar boasts a surround sound immersion. However, you still need to adjust the settings properly to experience the deep, resonant bass.

Today, we will show you the best settings for the Vizio sound bar. By following this guide, you can avoid a lengthy and complicated setup. Let’s see what we suggest!  

What Are The Best Settings For Vizio Sound Bar?

Setting a Vizio sound bar is about adjusting every contributor to the final sound effect. It involves multiple elements, and we will discuss each right here. 

Surround sound

Although soundbars cannot produce genuine surround sound effects, this function significantly improves audio quality. 

You can activate the surround sound effect in your soundbar and turn it off if the audio quality doesn’t improve. Yet, most users adore this effect and leave it on.

Input option

Optical and HDMI cables are the best options
Optical and HDMI cables are the best options

You might consider utilizing Aux or RCA connections to connect your Vizio sound bar and TV, but they are outdated connectors that can’t deliver high-quality sound. Instead, use Optical, HDMI, or Bluetooth to set up your system. 

It is preferable to use an HDMI connection to attach the soundbar and TV for the optimal sound effect. The cable can transfer huge amounts of raw audio data, producing a powerful and rich sound output.

Optical cables are also advisable because they can deliver digital audio data without interruption. You can also use them to send audio signals with up to 5.1 surround sound.

Bluetooth is a good alternative if you don’t have optical and HDMI cables. However, please remember that this connection may encounter disruptions when pairing your sound bar and audio source. 

This video will show you how to connect your soundbar to the TV in different ways:

Disable other audio sources

You must turn off sound from other devices so your Vizio sound bar can perform at its best. After connecting the soundbar to the TV, you won’t need TV speakers anymore. Hence, turn them off. 

When the sound bar and TV speakers work simultaneously, the sound signal has to handle two outputs. The two have quite different approaches to generating sound patterns; thus, the output sound often has an echo.

Many audio sources also lead to numerous sound waves, impacting how those waves bounce off the walls and causing distorted poor-quality audio.

Sound equalization 

To customize the treble and bass, change the equalizer’s settings. You may improve your sound quality with equalization based on your needs.

You may turn up the treble for clearer dialogue. And when you need a powerful sound, particularly for music, work with the bass.

When watching movies and TV shows where it’s essential to comprehend the dialogue, it’s ideal for keeping the treble high.

Regarding the equalization adjustments for your specific model of Vizio sound bar, consult the owner’s manual.


Check the whole system after setting up
Check the whole system after setting up

To many people, listening to the sound is as important as feeling it. Then, they add subwoofers to their soundbar to amplify and produce a rich bass sound. 

Subwoofers are a fantastic choice when a listener prefers to hear sounds with strong bass and treble, such as hard rock, EDM music, or horror films.

Tips To Improve Sound In Your Vizio Sound Bar 

Settings are crucial for all sound bars. However, the story doesn’t end there. Consider the following tips to get the best out of your audio system. 

Purchase the right size

If you haven’t already, aim to buy a large soundbar. It needs to have enough power to fill the room with pleasant bass. If you own a soundbar, take the above steps to boost the sound effect. 

Choose the best position

The placement is important
The placement is important.

After buying your favorite Vizio sound bar, consider where to place it. It would be best to put it near the sound source, such as in front of your TV or behind it. 

The best placement of your sound bar depends on where the TV is. For example, if you have mounted your TV on the wall, consider mounting your sound bar at a distance of closer than three inches. And if you place your TV on a cabinet, install the sound bar below it. 

Those recommended placements allow the sound to go directly to you and reflect the sound waves through the walls to create a terrific surround sound. 


When setting up your Vizio sound bar, you will work with the surround sound, input, and sound equalization. Its placement also plays a vital role. 

Remember to disable other audio sources, too. Then, sit down, and immerse yourself in the fantastic sound effect. Thank you for reading!

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