AirPods Review | Are AirPods Pro Worth It?

AirPods are undoubtedly an excellent investment for Apple fans who want to immerse themselves in the world of beautiful music. The company has released an upgraded version AirPods Pro to give you a better experience.

Are AirPods Pro worth it? This article will give you a detailed review of these items. Let’s check before heading for the store!  


Are AirPods Pro Worth It?

The answer is Yes, These earbuds have many features in an attempt to improve their older variants. The improvement in design and sound quality is the most impressive, making these items a terrific choice for music lovers. 

We will walk you through all the fantastic features of these items. Please check since they are pretty expensive. Don’t put your money in the wrong place. 

 The ANC technology will upgrade your experience
The ANC technology will upgrade your experience


  • Connection Type: True Wireless
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Size: 1.22 x 0.86 x 0.94 inches
  • Weight: 0.19 ounces
  • Color: White
  • Battery: 6 hours
  • Fit Type: Sealed

Sound Quality

AirPods Pro review

Modern earphones with Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) technology can eliminate outside noise from the listening experience.

The effectiveness of ANC differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, depending on the technologies. And Apple won’t disappoint you. 

The outer earpiece of the AirPods Pro has a microphone that constantly checks for outside noise before delivering an anti-noise signal into the ear to block it. Thanks to the minimal latency, you won’t hear the canceled sound. 

This video will show you how the ANC technology works in AirPods Pro:

Aside from the ANC, you will be impressed by the transparency mode, the earbuds’ third listening feature.

You’re probably trying to close up the ear canal when using flexible earbuds. Even with ANC turned off, it acts as a barrier to outside noise to let you only listen to the song you’re playing. 


 Find the tips that make you comfortable
Find the tips that make you comfortable

The original earbuds of Apple and even AirPods are famous for their one-size-fits-most style. However, they may not fit you. That’s why you should try this Pro version. 

There are four earpieces in the pack for you to choose the perfect fit for your ears. The attachment has a simple design, so you can use items from third parties to replace them. 

Another design feature in AirPods Pro is their “Ear Tip Fit Test.” It will help you check the chosen ear tips to give you a good seal. 

Once you start the test, your iPhone will play music via the earbuds while analyzing the seal with their microphones. Then, it can recommend the best tips for your ears or confirm that the earbuds you are using have a tight seal. 

Battery Life

According to Apple, the most recent AirPods Pro can last six hours with ANC switched on and just an extra 30 minutes with the setting off.

Like their predecessor, the charging case of AirPods Pro provides up to 30 hours of battery life. The case also gives you an additional hour of music playback.

The battery life depends on how you use your earbuds. A pro tip is to allow the AirPods to stay in their case when you are not using them to ensure a constant charge. 

Other Features

 The earbuds have many outstanding features
The earbuds have many outstanding features

There are other features to optimize the performance of your earbuds. For example:

  • H1 chip: The chip features ten audio cores to reduce latency and support noise cancellation. 
  • Force sensor: This feature replaces the tapping gesture. Instead of applying pressure to activate your earbuds, you now only need to squeeze them to play and pause music. 
  • Sweat-resistant: These earbuds are sweat-resistant. Hence, you can use them for any activities without worrying about damaging them with moisture. 

Do AirPods Pro Have Any Drawbacks?

Yes. Nothing is perfect, so AirPods Pro earbuds still have room for improvement.

  • Their most significant drawback is the price. Of course, with so many features, they are costly. Besides, you can’t find any official companion apps for your earbuds on Android. The only solution for customizing its setting is to install the Assistant Trigger Android
  • The white color of the AirPods can easily get dirty. Sweat and dirt can accumulate on the surface making them look less than appealing. The silicon tips used for earbuds may also become discolored with prolonged use.


AirPods Pro review
1.191 Km of running.

Are Airpods Pro good for running?

Yes, AirPods Pro are a great option for running as they are sweat- and water-resistant, have excellent sound quality, and provide secure earbuds that won’t slip out. They also feature active noise cancellation which helps to block out ambient noises like traffic or crowds, allowing you to focus on your music.

Additionally, the transparency mode allows outside sounds into the headphones so you can stay aware of your surroundings while running. With the ability to connect to both iOS and Android devices, AirPods Pro offers great convenience for any runner.

For over two years now, I have been using AirPods Pro to listen to music while running. I find them comfortable and secure, and they stay in place even during long and intense runs. The sound quality is great as well, and with active noise cancellation, I can enjoy my music without any distractions.

Do AirPods Pro fall out when running?

No, AirPods Pro is designed to fit snugly and securely in your ears. I never have any issues with slipping or falling out during my runs, and I feel confident that they won’t come loose.

How to clean your AirPods Pro?

To clean your AirPods Pro, first, remove them from the charging case and wipe them gently with a soft, lint-free cloth. If needed, you can also use a slightly damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris.

When cleaning the charging case, use a soft, dry cloth and ensure that no liquid enters any of the openings. For more detailed instructions on how to clean your AirPods Pro, click here.

Can I use AirPods Pro while swimming?

No, AirPods Pro are not designed for swimming. They offer some water resistance, but they should not be used while in the pool or in other bodies of water.

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Airpod Pro, with the noise canceling feature, are good choices to enhance your music-listening experience. Moreover, their designs allow you to find the perfect fit for your ears. 

What do you think about the Airpod Pro? If you have tried them, please share your opinions with us. Other readers must be eager to check your review. Thank you for reading!

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  • Long battery life
  • Good for running and exercising
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Noise cancellation and transparency mode
  • “Hey Siri” voice activation
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Costly compared to other wireless
  • Easy to get dirty
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